Bike View — Data, Visualizations and Safety for Everybody

A Multi-platform application on NJ Bicycle crashes and safety information

Step towards NJ's bicycle safety

Bike View NJ is a showcase of the New Jersey collision information collected by police officers across New Jersey and deposited to the Department of Transportation. We have analyzed the large data sets containing records of motor vehicles, bicycles and pedestrian crashes from 2001 to 2014 and shared this information with the public, researchers, city planners and non-profit organizations.

Beneficiaries of this platform will be able to utilize the app visualizations to plan their route, in presentations and discussions in the township meetings to make data-driven decisions. This application will help the public to rethink the traffic on our roads.

Data Analysis and Visualizations

A municipality can examine what roads to pave for bikes based on most crashes. Maps are scale-able to all of New Jersey counties and towns

Crash Reporting Tool

A way to gather additional information that can be later to used for data analysis and creation or improvement of safety policies

Mobile Application

On-the-go access to visualizations and data analysis of NJ Bicycle crashes. For bikers to help decide the safest route.